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So here's a little info on how this has been going!

Since August 09 when I made episode one, I've always wanted to make a better looking, animated, and more interactive episode 2. The year following was full of learning and watching many tutorials etc. The first attempt was indeed better than the first episode, but I wasn't satisfied, and in the end scrapped it.

Made another version of episode 2 last year (2011) and yet again same result. Now a third and final version is being completed atm \m/ It's great working on it again and it's nice to see people actually want to see another episode.

Expect it in the coming months!

Sonic The Dark Awakening Episode 2


2011-12-30 02:34:14 by Cursekyuubi


2011-06-21 18:16:28 by Cursekyuubi

Back and animating woo! :3

Hiatus T,T

2010-10-25 21:31:39 by Cursekyuubi

School's getting real busy. Sorry if anyone is dissapointed. I am :/

I've gotten lazy B|

2010-07-08 15:52:20 by Cursekyuubi

I haven't worked on STH-Dark Awakening for a while,but I'm finally beginning again! :D

I've gotten lazy B|

New Idea.....

2009-11-16 16:47:22 by Cursekyuubi

I'm thinking of making a new series.
This time though, it's a cross with Sonic
and Naruto. Something like Naruto and Sasuke
use a special jutsu,transporting them into Mobius.
They find a chaos emerald,which merges with one of
their kunai. The series would be call Chaos Kunai. So tell
me what you think,I appreciate any and all comments.

~R.C AKA Cursekyuubi~

New Logo!

2009-09-10 22:41:45 by Cursekyuubi

Well still nobody is gonna help me,so watevers.

New Logo!

Hey fans!
I was just wondering if anyone could help me with AS2.
I'm thinking of throwing in some more interactive parts,
battles,movie sequences,and 2D Sonic gameplay.So if anyone
is willing to help,that would great!

Sonic The Hedgehog:Dark Awakening Episode 2

Sonic's Dark Awakening

2009-08-04 23:42:57 by Cursekyuubi

I've posted the first episode of Sonic The Hedgehog:Dark Awakening

Sonic's Dark Awakening