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Sonic The Dark Awakening Episode 2

2012-08-31 21:50:37 by Cursekyuubi

So here's a little info on how this has been going!

Since August 09 when I made episode one, I've always wanted to make a better looking, animated, and more interactive episode 2. The year following was full of learning and watching many tutorials etc. The first attempt was indeed better than the first episode, but I wasn't satisfied, and in the end scrapped it.

Made another version of episode 2 last year (2011) and yet again same result. Now a third and final version is being completed atm \m/ It's great working on it again and it's nice to see people actually want to see another episode.

Expect it in the coming months!

Sonic The Dark Awakening Episode 2


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2012-10-07 12:27:10

Cant wait for it!